An Introduction to Whole Ear Cuffs

several different kinds of earrings spread across a flat white surface


What are Whole Ear Cuffs?

Whole Ear Cuffs are a type of earring that does not require a piercing. They also do not pinch, squeeze, or pull, which makes them unique among earring options for unpierced ears.


How do they work?

Each earring has two parts- a decorative element that can be almost any shape, and a structural 'hook' shape that is mostly hidden behind the external part of your ear, and goes over the top of your ear. This hook is custom-made to your measurements, which makes them both secure and comfortable.


How do I wear Whole Ear Cuffs?

First, use my sizing guide to determine your measurements. Then order the earring of your choice, or contact me for a custom design! The hook will be fabricated to your measurements and sent to you via priority mail.

When it arrives, please try it out to confirm the fit- no bending or alteration should be necessary! It is easiest to slide the top of the hook over the ear from behind, and then give the dangle a little tug to settle it into place.